With SitOrSquat, we really got a grasp of our process. The whole project came together out of necessity - we needed a restroom and couldn't find one. Our eureka moment sparked a tremendously positive development process. At its core, SitOrSquat is a kind of benchmark for us. It's popularity is not only a great indicator of the sleek design and user interfaces we produce, but also the kind of scale our products can achieve: since it's release, SitOrSquat has received wide acclaim as an essential app for travelers, city dwellers and parents needing changing tables or frequent stops.

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Even though it was developed for domestic use, the underlying functionality of SitOrSquat supports a global audience, allowing worldwide users to find facilities at the click of a button, or touch of a screen. The application also exists on several platforms to allow for its broad user base, and with several tools enabling integration and data syndication - white label platform for website integration, and an API for data access and syndication platforms.