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We value our clients' ideas and work closely to integrate their vision into a beautiful, scalable product that achieves its intended goal. We're able to provide our services at any stage of the development process, but historically we tend to work from the early stage of conceptualization through to completion and delivery.

Good ideas should go far
Concept and Design

We place a great deal of importance on project goals and we use this information to cultivate a uniquely appropriate product directed specifically to a client's target audience. We jump right in by wireframing principle functions before we even touch the visual design. To support our concise development process, we tap into our internal libraries for super clean and refined code. Once all parties are satisfied and we've finished being appropriately nerdy, we work through technical requirements, features, user interface elements and process flows to develop a precise scope of the project. That all sounds pretty nerdy too, but trust us, it's at the essence of all that is cool. Ultimately, a product isn't worth anything if it's not running smooth and looking pretty.

The future is just as important to us as the present

Turns out, staying ahead of the curve requires strict determination. Stay calm. We know that sounds scary, but we're really good at that, too. An imperative aspect of our creative process is to consider how the products we create will adapt accordingly as demand for new features and upgrades present themselves. We aim to provide clients with a product that can be easily upgraded as necessary to facilitate maximum return on investment.

Playing is half the working

We want our clients to hog wild with our products as we develop them so that we can better determine any bugs or revisions needed to be made. Testing makes up for 15-25% of the development process. We're super serious about hitting the nail on the head so taking our products for a spin around the block a few times is imperative. It's usually pretty fun, too. It's like watching your baby grow up. If your baby had a state of the art interface and super sophisticated design.

We're great hosts

We have access to the appropriate distribution source for our clients' products. Whether it's Apple's App Store, the Android Market or a client's own secure site, we can get your product out there. We can also host directly to our in-house management server, Densebrain Infrastructure Management (DIM).