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Densebrain is a full-service Digital Ideas Agency that thrives at the intersection of practicality and innovation. Where original ideas become powerful tools for improving the way people live their lives and revolutionary solutions are conceived to circumvent everyday problems. We embrace eureka moments and employ an unmatched ability to bring our clients' ideas to life.

With years of experience developing software and building content management solutions for large corporations we've learned how to be major contenders in our industry and an unswerving dedication to sophisticated design and bolstering offbeat creative concepts keeps us informed and inspired.

All of the sage-like wisdom you're picking up on so far comes from experience developing our own groundbreaking and still-unrivaled restroom-finding application, SitOrSquat. With SitOrSquat, we nurtured an idea that came to us out of sheer necessity and quickly realized how useful it would be for just about everyone. From there, we tapped the creative vision of our design team to develop a product that is functional, beautiful and easy to use. All at once. Today, SitOrSquat is being used in 37 countries and more than 100,000 restrooms have been added to its database.